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SfP for Conductors

Sing for Pleasure’s industry-leading conductor training programme offers graded courses for conductors and vocal leaders of all abilities. Across our Foundation, Intermediate 1, Intermediate 2, and Advanced level training, our methodology places an emphasis on effective song teaching and efficient rehearsing through the development of expressive and economic conducting gestures.

We run weekend and day courses at venues throughout the country, and a week-long Summer School during August. Visit our events page to find out more. You can also find out more about our talented tutor team by clicking here.


Our Foundation course is for beginners or those with limited conducting experience. We use rounds to enable vocal leaders to quickly teach the music, while building a range of simple, musical, and economical gestures.

Intermediate 1

Our Intermediate 1 course builds on the skills established at Foundation level by training participants to effectively teach part songs quickly. At this level we start to develop rehearsal pace, and build out a repertory of conducting gesture.

Intermediate 2

Our Intermediate 2 course is aimed at experienced participants, who have completed previous SfP courses. At this level we use more complex music, such as madrigals, motets, and accompanied repertoire, to stretch conducting gesture and rehearsal efficiency.


Our Advanced course is for the most experienced conductors and uses large-scale and challenging repertoire to extend participant skill across a range of choral and orchestral scenarios. At this level, we also offer a separate orchestral conducting course for those looking to develop their skills in this field.


Bursaries & Scholarships >

As part of our charitable remit we offer a number of different scholarships and bursaries for young people and teachers


Publications & Resources >

We publish a number of songbooks for choirs of all ages and various voice types, many of which are used on our conductor training programme